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These are some of the reviews that REAL people have left in our products. They can be found in each product detail page


'Customer service was great' - John Troy

'I loved my product, very good price' - Allen McAllister

'It is perfect size to carry in your purse'Vanesa E.

'Reviews are great on this product I give them a 10 star' - Pleasant

'I have found that this meter is accurate, easy to use and value for money' - Terrance H.

 'Excellent' - Val B.

'This is a nifty little gadget! I love being able to get accurate and timely readings when I want them. It is so easy to use... actually fool proof! Love it!' - Edna

'LOVE IT THANK YOU' - Alishia B.

'Happy with it' - Casey W.

'Two weeks and I received just as described.'Leighana H.

'They are Christmas gifts for several people in my family who are diabetic. They are smaller than I thought they would be more like stocking stuffer's than gifts.' - Larene R.

'Good job Guys!' - thebestlawyer

'I liket it' - Luis I.